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Education and sanitation are an indispensable part of the life of every human being. The importance of education has been recognized for transformation and development. In the state of Jharkhand which consists of a huge tribal population who are exploited and plagued by ignorance, dissemination of quality education has posed to be a problem of colossal proportions. In this book, a comprehensive effort has been made to understand the quality of education imparted to the tribal population of Kanchi village in the Bundu block of Ranchi, Jharkhand, assessed on the basis of availability of teachers, student-teacher ratio, student attendance, availability of text-books, environment in classroom and several other parameters. Another extension to the problem of poverty is sanitary conditions prevalent in India which scream of apathy and ignorance. Basic needs such as clean drinking water, lavatories and disposal of waste have been a persistent but ignored problem and people of India on a daily basis face the threat of deadly diseases. To contain this huge social problem the acclaimed organization Sulabh International has been doing praiseworthy work for future of emerging India

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