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The simple aim of this book is to help and support you through life. It is a tool to help you be a stronger version of the man you already are.Back in the day, keeping a journal was the manly thing to do. All the great thinkers, writers and explorers of the past kept a journal on a regular basis - from Ernest Hemmingway to Bruce Lee. It was a simple habitual practice; a clever therapeutic outlet, particularly for men, that has been lost. This book aims to bring it back.While the gym strengthens your body, think about this book as a workout for your mind. This is brain training to build a positive mental attitude and, ultimately, a better and more resilient you.Contains three interactive sections: Warm Up, Hurdles and Strength, each with prompts, challenges and motivators to help get you started. Plus the MindManual, which offers further support, checks and advice to keep your brain training on track.

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