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This work covers the Design and Analysis of double cavity Injection mould for Pad Side Panel. This component is used as an integral part of chassis assembly in 2-wheeler and is made up of Poly propylene (PP) material. The task is aimed for high production and good quality of component within the scheduled time. The part Pad Side Panel is a new concept in the field of automobile industries. It is being designed to reduce the complexity of the rear end of an automobile chassis and also to make it more flexible and rigid. Initially study of the plastics is done, classification of plastics based on the cross linking of the respective monomers is carried. Types of injection mould, their parts are studied in detail so as to get accustomed to the terminology before starting the actual design. The component Pad Side Panel is studied based on the given drawing so as to proceed further with the designing of component as well as the tool used for producing it in the form of Injection Mould. The mould design steps and designing of various other parameters such as design of feed system, estimation of cycle time are carried out as a preparation for the tool design.

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