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Use the science of motivation with the power of game design to unlock motivation and drive progress in your organisation. There are two conventional ways to approach motivation: set goals and try to change attitudes and beliefs (which takes a lot of personalised effort); or develop incentives and rewards to inspire effort (which takes a lot of money). This book shows you how to take a third new approach – designing the work itself to be inherently motivating. Combining the best elements of three distinct fields—motivational science, game design, and agile management—this book shows you how to positively influence behaviour through better work and project design. This game changing book: Gives you a refreshing science-based approach to the classic challenge of motivation in the workplace Is ideal for any leader or manager looking to take their workplace culture in a new direction Includes practical advice for creating highly productive, motivated and innovative teams Is written by a motivation strategy and design expert who consults on leadership and change management to a wide range of clients – from the executives of multinational organisations, through to the directors of switched-on startups. The Game Changer will show you how to unlock creative, productive and collaborative work. It is the perfect resource for forward-thinking leaders in organisations and teams focused on crafting a work culture that gets the best out of their people.

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