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A more complex supply chain with increasing customer demands and the urge for cost-effectiveness drive logistics companies to achieve shorter lead times and higher operational productivity. This particularly applies to warehousing being outsourced to Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs). This book begins to explain the nature of 3PL warehousing together with an explanation of the main processes and infrastructure operated for the customer. It presents a comprehensive portfolio of proven process tools and quality methods being applicable to the physical working procedures and their supportive functions as the two main levers for optimization. The subsequent selective implementation of the described instruments illustrates how and to what extent crucial areas can be analyzed accurately to determine the actual performance and existing deficits. Several case studies reveal valuable findings for necessary actions in order to attain substantial and sustainable improvements. The book concludes with the various benefits for both parties and promotes further advancements by means of technology and the long-term commitment by the Management.

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