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Professor Mindaralew Zewdie is the author of "Deem the Doom Redeeming..." a book honored by Annuls of Improbable Research as the spotlighted work for the month of December 2012. Now he is making another of his original advents into the global scene with a new work, in which he delves the depths of the secrets veneered by twisted humanitarian rigs.He unearthed as well the devious roots of the new global religion which is pampered by a spectrum of bad governance running the gamut from saturated dictatorship to mini, locale-rooted control freaks. In them all he has unveiled the mammoth gyrating machine which is given not to recycling wealth or living the virtues of morality and justice but to recycling poverty. In this elaborately researched book spanning three regimes and five decades prof. Mindaralew undauntedly scaled the zeniths of high profile academics and uncovered the appalling faces of sociocultural reality in general and the abashing facades of economic edifices and nadirs of our world in particular. Accomplishing this onus takes a rare intellectual gut and gift both of which abound in professor Mindaralew Zewdie. That is why we say this book is a MUST READ material.

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