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The fifth edition of "Plant Pathology" provides students and professionals with a current, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated guide on plant disease. It covers the history of plant pathology, the basic concepts of plant disease, effects of environmental factors on disease initiation and development, and the latest information on epidemiology and control of plant diseases. In addition, it reviews many of the important diseases caused by each of the pathogens and by abiotic factors. This classic text presents basic concepts of plant disease, designed for use in lectures, while the specific diseases are organized to serve as the basis for laboratory exercises. Hundreds of color photographs and diagrams illustrate and explain the basic concepts and the specific diseases described in the text. "Plant Pathology" is written in a clear, concise, well-organized style that students can follow and understand. Changes to this revised and expanded edition: Over 500 full-color photographs and diagrams; Additional material and illustrations covering the history and development of plant pathology, extending to current issues; Additional diseases described and illustrated, of both local and international significance; Reorganization of chapters 3-6 in order to make the material more understandable to students; Alternatives for management of plant diseases through incorporation of traditional and genetically engineered disease resistance, manipulation of the environment, and biological controls; Chapters 4, 5, and 6: Extensively peer-reviewed and revised so that usually complex material is presented in a clear and simplified manner; Chapters 8 and 9: New information and additional emphasis on alternative strategies for reducing epidemics and losses from diseases. Appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals, including: agronomists, horticulturists, botanists, entomologists, crop consultants, farmers, crop production supervisors, nurserymen, and foresters.

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